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You're here at this site right now, because your intrested in Asian Ball - Jointed Dolls, or as I like to call it, LaTi Dolls. You probably have one of those dolls or a bunch or just a few, and your looking for clothes. Well this all means your a LaTi Doll FAN/ASIAN BALL - JOINTED DOLLS! Want to go somewhere where you can FREELY disscuss things about LaTi Dolls / asian ball - jointed dolls? Or where you can click JOIN and post pictures of your fav dolls? Here are the TWO Lati Doll - FANCLUB! : 
www. AND . Visit them, and Have FUn!

Elah. & Jen.


The 1st Hat

Hey Guys!!!!


I finally found my equips to make hats, and I made my 1st SUCCESSFULL hat!!!!!!!!!! It's grey and it's on baby size!! If you have a baby doll kind of life size, then it's perfect for you! It is not yet on sale, but me & and my friend will make more to sell. For now, we can only make baby size. But we'll soon make hats for all ages and not only for babies. Below are some pictures of the hat, and the hat on this life size baby doll. =]

 - The hat on the baby doll. =]

 - the hat

 - the hat on the doll again =D

 - the hat again xDD

Thanks Guys!

We'll let you know when were done making more hats so we can start selling online!!

byyee =]]


Elah. & Jen.

Awesome News

Heyy Ppl!

Great News Guys!! I finally found my stuff, so we can start making hats!!!!! I'm starting my first hat right now! And my friend Jen, will start her's soon too!!

Keep Checking when their out XD


Elah. & Jen.
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